Vai pastar, australiano


O advogado australiano de Lula, Geoffrey Robertson, disse ontem à noite que o sistema judiciário brasileiro é “arcaico” e prometeu entrar com um recurso na ONU contra o TRF-4.

O aspecto mais pitoresco dessa pantomima é que os juristas do PT sempre acusaram a Lava Jato de ter incorporado “doutrinas estrangeiras” para condenar o quadrilheiro.


  • Marçal -

    Quem defende ladrão é o que?????????????????/

  • Jim -

    This magistrate Moro has committed a crime against national security. He tapped a phone call between President Dilma and former President Lula without the High Court authorization. This is crime in any democratic and civilized society. It’s a crimes against fundamental law of the state, therefore, Moro should be in jail for committed crime against Brazil’s national security.

  • Daniel -

    I don't even know who you guys are, but I noticed all of you are not civilised people and deserved to be treated as such i.e. medieval people. A civilised group of people is characterised by being socially and technologically advanced and you guy are neither. Cheers from down-under. I fell sorry the world still producing people like you. But here we don't have people like you guys, we leave in a civilised and democratic society. You guys have no idea. Having some money do not make you civilised. You ruled the country for over 504 years and you have created one of the most unequal society in the world. You are pathetic.

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